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i1075 HardBack Tablet Case | Pelican

Pelican Products i1075 HardBack Tablet Case | Pelican

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Worth the effort!
by Valued Customer - July 23, 2013
Verified Purchase

Ok, So I was at a trade show where Pelican had this set up and I bought one the next day. After the purchase of my iPad; I bought one of the iHome style wireless keyboards. It was ok, but it didn't give me the convenience of tilting it the way I wanted to read, then I had to take it out of the case etc. This case is designed for an Apple wireless keyboard(full size) and has a tray underneath for wire storage. The only complaint I have is for small tables desk etc… Example bistro style tables the case must lay 180 degrees flat, and there is no way of bringing it up to 90 degrees and making it stay upright. I attempted to make some Velcro attachments to it but it wasn't enough. I spoke with the pelican rep at another show and give her some feedback. She said she would pass it along. This is a great case. I like the way you can have it out, it gives you an option to use a full size keyboard and its safe in your backpack, messenger bag etc… If you travel a lot and concerned about it getting smashed but want to have the ability to read with it outside of a case, this is your option. Sent from my iPad

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