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$$429.95In stockCases \ Cooler \ Hard-Sided Coolers32-55QW-WHT
55QW Wheeled Cooler
Pelican™ 55QW Wheeled ...
Pelican ProductsPelican 55QW Wheeled Cooler
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Pelican Products

55QW Wheeled Cooler

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Item #: 32-55QW-WHT

Color: White

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Pelican™ 55QW Wheeled ...
Pelican™ 55QW Wheeled Cooler
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
45 lbs
Item Spec
Wheels Available
20" x 12" x 14.25"
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Top Reviews
Yeti Schmeti
by Valued Customer on November 07, 2017
Verified Purchase

Although it isn't the name brand of Yeti, the quality is better! I bought this for my wedding week for my groomsmen and the other guys who were coming out for the wedding. We didn't want to take over the refrigerator with beer and other drinks so I figured why not. I work part time at a store that sells Yeti products and even with my discount, I got this cooler for less money. Why did I pick Pelican over Yeti or other high end cooler companies? QUALITY! Pelican has been in the business of making durable cases for quite a while and I've used them for previous work and camping. They can take a beating falling out of trucks, down hills, and impacts without showing any damage. Not only do Pelican products last forever, but they have a warranty that backs this claim up. Many of the other high end cooler companies out there only offer a 3 or 5 year warranty on their products. BE AWARE OF THAT AND READ OTHER COMPANIES TOO! Many people think coolers from Yeti have a lifetime warranty but that's not the case. Not only did I save money, but I saved my back and the backs of my buddies. The wheels and handle on the back is a life saver! Wheels are durable and spaced great to not roll over. The latches on the front are really well built and don't feel cheap at all. The center area on the lid (shown in gray) opens on its own so you can reach in and grab one quickly without opening the whole top. Also on the top, the set in cup holders are really nice and a good size for a can or cup. The small opening and cup holders aren't found on their competitors and while they're not a huge deal, they're an added comfort feature!Another advantage to this cooler is that it's deep enough to put a bottle of wine in there standing up and close the lid. The bottom has four rubber pads so that it won't slide around too which is nice. Inside the cooler, I had two plastic trays that sat just inside the lid and would be the perfect place to put other things that you want to keep cold but not soaked in ice (limes for coronas etc). Another great add on is the built in bottle opener between the latches on the front. It's stainless steel and thick so it doesn't bend and also acts as the opening to toss a lock on it (another feature that other premier coolers lack). Now let's get to the most important part. keeping your stuff cold! Does it hold ice for 7 days? Yes but (there's always a but) the ice won't be just how it was when you tossed it in. There will be some ice with mostly water after a week but that's to be expected. There's no leaking with how well built Pelican products are and with the food grade gasket around the top. Not only does it hold ice for just as long if not longer than others but there's no funky smell of plastic. All in all, I'd gladly buy again in a heartbeat with all of the added features that this thing has compared to others. Not to mention when you take a competitor's cooler and deck it out with wheels and a bottle opener, you'd be looking at almost twice what this cooler costs. Oh and the warranty is amazing on this one compared to the others out there. If you want the name brand, go with Yeti. If you want something that actually works better and is designed with thought and practicality, buy Pelican.

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Worth the money. I went on a trip with.
by Valued Customer on October 12, 2017
Verified Purchase

Worth the money. I went on a trip with my buddy with a Yeti. . I win! still held ice after 3 days. ig enough chunks for cocktails too!

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by Valued Customer on July 09, 2018
Verified Purchase

With coolers this big you need two people to fit. I am fit and in my 30s. This thing is heavy when empty too! I useage to store my cooler downstairs, until now.

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10 Stars Must buy.
by Valued Customer on August 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

Recently bought this cooler for tailgating season, but had the opportunity to put it to the test early. I went on a fishing trip to the Louisianna coast. After arriving (Sunday) I stopped at one of the bulk ice vending locations and filled the cooler to the top with 60# of ice. It stayed in the back of the truck the entire time and the truck has a locking taunou cover. Of course setting in 95+ temps under a black cover probably wasn't the best thing but I went with it. When I'd open the bed of the truck, it was obviously hotter than the ambient temperature. We Fished the next day and that evening I went to put our cleaned and bagged catch of the day in the cooler. I opened the drain to see how much melt there was. I'd estimate about a gal of water came out. It seemed like a lot, but inside it was hardly noticeable. I was afraid I might not have room for the fish. I managed to move the ice around and pack the fish in there. Fished the next day (Tuesday) and caught more Reds. That afternoon, when I went to put our catch in I literally had to scoop out ice into a bucket to make room for our catch. I then poured the ice back over the fish and it was still packed the top. I didn't drain it any more, just left it as is. We drove 8 hrs to my buddy's ranch in east Texas that evening. Wednesday was another hot sunny day. Got home that evening and divided up the catch. I drained off the melted ice. I'd estimate maybe another gal. I put my fish away and left the ice in the cooler on my back porch to see just how long it would stay. It faces SW and really gets heated up after midday. Thursday, Friday an Sat were both hot sunny. Sunday morning, today 8-5-2018 I go out and there is still probably a 5# chunk of solid ice. I went ahead and drained off the water, dumped the ice and washed out the cooler. I'd give this cooler 10 stars if I could. Love the latches, they are easy to open, yet holds the lid tightly closed and very sturdy. Strong hinges and it so nice to have a cooler that the lid will stay open when you leave it open. My go to cooler was a big igloo with the plastic hinges. The lid will not stay open on its own, it always want to fall back closed so on those coolers if I wanted it to air dry I'd have to prop it open. Not on this beautiful Pelican cooler, the lid stays open. I'm so glad I went ahead and got this one with the wheels. I was looking at the 70qt but the 80qt had the wheels. It was quite a bit more money for the wheels but well worth it. I can't imagine trying to lug around a 70 qt with no wheels. It would be a 2 man operation. The fold down handle is awesome. Out of the way when you don't need it, and is the perfect length and angle to make moving this beast around where you need it an easy task. Definitely give this a must buy if you are looking for a High Performance cooler. I may have to buy the 55qt too with the wheels on the back for when I don't need one quite so big. Then all these igloo, and coleman coolers are going in the garage sale or the trash.

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heavy build
by Valued Customer on August 13, 2018
Verified Purchase

Great cooler, doesn't hold ice nearly as long as claimed but good cooler none the less

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by Valued Customer on June 19, 2017
Verified Purchase

I regularly pack this 45qt ice chest with ice and beer, and strap it down to my polaris rzr before heading to ocotillo wells for a weekend trip. Holds ice all weekend and keeps the Rockies Blue! The ice chest takes a beating from hitting the trails in the rzr, and does it with ease. NO structural damage. Just returned from Laughlin yesterday. Filled the cooler with ice Saturday morning at 6am. We decided not to take it on the water and left it in the hotel room. We left Laughlin Sunday at 12:30pm and it sat in the bed of my truck until 8:30pm (it was 118 degrees in Laughlin and we drove to Riverside Ca, where it was 90 degrees). I put the ice chest in my garage and it sat there until 9am the following morning when i wrote this review and took the two photos. But as u can see I still have ice and the Rockies are Blue. I also bought a foldable $25 dolly from Harbor Freight to help move the ice chest around, cause it's heavy! But overall I love this thing!

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Weird sealing issue but keeps ice cold
by Valued Customer on May 27, 2018
Verified Purchase

Cooler seals so well that after temp and altitude changes, it creates a vacuum and you'll have to unscrew the drain to be able to open it without a crowbar. Seriously. I found it ironic that the company known for hardy cases with pressure release valves has this issue on a cooler. I added a small vent to mine and it opens fine. After a couple days in the sun recently, now it's having a hard time closing. I've got to sit on it to get it to seal and latch. I'm considering returning it but of course the box is long gone and it'll probably be very difficult to ship. It also has a large foot print compared to the inside volume. I've got two Yeti's for other purposes and thought this was a good choice for a wheeled cooler, but in the end I am disappointed with it. If Yeti or Grizzly made a wheeled cooler around this size I'd strongly consider it. This cooler does roll well, handle is bulky but rugged and it does a great job of keeping ice cold over several days. It could use a little refinement for this price range. B-

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