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$$169.18In stockCases \ Storm CasesiM2500
iM2500 Storm Carry-On Case
The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican Protector Case, with one primary difference: A unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but open with a light touch. Guaranteed for life, the Pelican Storm case is made in the USA and engineered using the finest components. Additional Information ...
Pelican ProductsIM2500-00000
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Pelican Products

iM2500 Storm Carry-On Case

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Item #: IM2500-00000

Interior: No Foam

Color: Black

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The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican Protector Case, with one primary difference: A unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but open with a light touch. Guaranteed for life, the Pelican Storm ... read more
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Two Press & Pull Latches
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Double-layered, Soft-grip Handle
  • Vortex? Valve
  • Powerful Hinges
  • Lightweight Strong HPX? Resin
  • TrekPak Kit for iM2500
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact Us
The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican Protector Case, with one primary difference: A unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but open with a light touch.
Guaranteed for life, the Pelican Storm case is made in the USA and engineered using the finest components.
Additional Information


Pelican Storm iM2500 Case

Looking for high-performing impact-resistance in a case that goes where you go? We?ve got it right here: the lightweight, injection-molded (iM) Pelican Storm iM2500. Its shell is HPX resin, proven to resist impacts even in low-temperature testing. Of course you can customize the interior ?- It's a Pelican, after all! Choose the iM2500 case when your needs call for an easy-carry, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant, airtight, watertight, dustproof and crushproof valuables protector.


Why chose the iM2500?

  • This powerhouse protector is travel-ready
  • Safeguard industrial, business or personal gear in a lightweight case
  • Keep your valuables close at hand while traveling and in the field
  • The Pelican Storm iM2500 Case meets current FAA requirements for carry-on bags
  • Incredibly strong resin wIt'stands extreme weather, bumps, drops, jolts and shocks
  • Two easy-open press & pull latches hold tight under pressure and impact
  • Vortex valve automatically adjusts air pressure
  • Not one, but two molded padlock hasps keep your gear in and thieves out
  • Comfortable double-layered, soft grip is easy on your hands
  • In-line wheels and telescoping handle make travel a breeze
  • Carry it with you while flying


Material HPX high performance resin
Interior Type Foam Set
Exterior Dimensions
(L x W x D)
21.7" x 14.1" x 8.9"
55.12 x 35.81 x 22.61 cm)
Interior Dimensions
(L x W x D)
20.5" x 11.5" x 7.2"
52.07 x 29.21 x 18.29 cm)
Maximum Buoyancy -
Weight 13.7 lbs (6.21 kg) with foam
11.1 lbs (5.03 kg) without foam
Comparable Case Pelican 1510


  • ATA 300 category 1 standards for transit cases
  • FED-STD-101C requirements for drops and vibration (loose cargo)
  • Meets MIL-STD-810F for immersion and simulated rainfall
  • Exceeds the specifications listed in MIL-STD-648C for vibration (sweep)
20.50" x 11.50" x 7.20" (52.1 x 29.2 x 18.3 cm)
21.70" x 14.10" x 8.90" (55.1 x 35.8 x 22.6 cm)
2.00" (5.1 cm)
5.20" (13.2 cm)
7.2" (18.3 cm)
0.98 ft³ (0.028 m³)
13.70 lbs (6.2 kg)
11.10 lbs (5 kg)
62.56 lbs (28.4 kg)
Layer 1 (Lid): 2.00" - Convolute / Layer 2 (Base): 0.50" - Pad / Layer 3 (Base): 1.62" - Pick N Pluck / Layer 4 (Base): 1.62" - Pick N Pluck / Layer 5 (Base): 1.62" - Pick N Pluck
Injection Molded HPX® high performance resin
Valox - Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Xenoy - Polyester/Polycarbonate blend
Stainless Steel
1.3/1.35 polyester
Valox - Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Xenoy - Polyester/Polycarbonate blend
Gortex membrane
-20° F (-29 ° C)
140° F (60 ° C)
HPX high performance resin
Interior Type
Foam Set
Comparable Case
Pelican 1510
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
14 lbs
Item Spec
Wheels Available
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Top Reviews
If you're still trying to decide if you want a.
by Valued Customer on November 07, 2016
Verified Purchase

If you're still trying to decide if you want a pelican case, ask yourself this question: If I dropped this ''INSERT ITEM YOU WANT TO PROTECT'' on the ground, into water, or from a reasonable height, would it break ? If the answer is yes, go ahead and purchase it. Pelican is and has been the gold standard for protecting your electronics and valuables in all environments. Mine has been to the middle east, and back. Not a single issues at all. Gravel, sand, blowing dust, rain (go figure), drops, weight, etc can not stop this case.

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Four Stars
by Valued Customer on December 06, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great little case, a bit smaller than expected, but seems pretty sturdy

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Great case, much better than Pelican and SKB
by Valued Customer on October 05, 2009
Verified Purchase

This is an excellent hard shell case. I use mine as a suitcase for overnight business trips and as a rugged case for tools. I often travel with a lot of books and this case excels with heavy loads. I can sit or stand on it if necessary, and generally don't have to worry about damaging it, or getting it wet or dirty. It rolls beautifully and the wheels are large enough so small rocks and sidewalk cracks are generally not a problem. I researched thoroughly and considered the choices very carefully when I selected this case. The competition from Pelican and SKB fell short in three key areas. 1. This Storm Case has superior latches. The secondary release mechanism is better-it requires simultaneous pushing on the inner button while pulling out on the latch, such that pressure from an object or tension from a snag will not open the latch. The Pelican and SKB models have a secondary latch that pulls in the same direction as the main latch such that a snag on the lever will open it (quite easily in the case of the SKB). There are padlock holes on all three but the plastic on this one is so soft that I'm pretty sure you could just twist the lock off or cut away the material quite easily. Plus the lock holes are placed such that the locks will be jutting out and quite likely to catch on things. The pelican case lines their lock holes with metal so perhaps they're more secure. 2. This Storm case has a superior handle for two reasons: a. The handle of this Storm case, when retracted, can still be grasped such that it provides a convenient carrying handle on the end of the case rather than the side. This is very nice when maneuvering it into the overhead bin and carrying by hand without having to rotate the case from rolling to carrying position. b. The end of the handle is smooth such that sliding another bag over it is smooth and easy (I'm talking about handbags and computer briefcases that have a hollow sleeve meant to slide over the suitcase handle for easy piggy-backing). The Pelican case has a wide flat handle with a T at the end that acts like a fish hook barb making it very difficult to remove the piggy-backed bag from the handle-it gets caught and it's a real hassle. This is quite important for air travel when you're constantly re-configuring your load at the ticket counter, security, on the plane, etc. 3. The internal-space -to- external-volume ratio for this case is higher than for the others. This means that less volume is wasted on case parts, handle enclosure, wheel moldings, and external reinforcements. In other words, for the same external dimensions you get more packing space. This case is pretty much at the maximum carry-on dimensions, and unlike a cloth suitcase, much of that volume is lost to the case itself due to the thick walls and rugged construction. This is par for the course for a case like this but the Storm Case gets you more packing space than the SKB or Pelican. A few drawbacks worth considering: 1. If you use it for clothing or other soft items, it's difficult to pack all the contents inside without anything getting caught in the seam. There's no inner molding or flap to help with this as there typically is on a zipper suitcase. Plus with a soft bag you can just poke your finger in to get clothing out of the way. With this case, since it's rigid, there's not much you can do except open the case, re-tuck everything in around the edges, and try again. 2. The handle can not be extended or retracted with a single hand. It does not slide freely, such that the release catch must be actuated with one hand while pushing down (or pulling up) on the handle with the other hand, which is sometimes rather clumsy if you're carrying other items. It is a very sturdy handle, however-much stronger than I expected from molded plastic. A couple of other specific notes. If you use this as a tool case, it gets heavy very fast. I also own the next larger size but I can't use that one for tools because it goes overweight before it's even half full. This i2500 is just the right size for 50 pounds of hand tools and hardware. If you're tempted to get one of the lid organizers, be advised that it will not stay attached very long. It uses sticky-backed velcro to attach to the inside of the lid, and the stick is nowhere near permanent. Mine detaches constantly now, and has done so since my second or third trip. In summary I am quite pleased with my Hardig Storm Case, it outranks the competition in a few key areas, but still has room for improvement-especially in the handle lock mechanism.

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Five Stars
by Valued Customer on December 04, 2017
Verified Purchase

Great Price

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
Great Carry-on
by Valued Customer on May 01, 2014
Verified Purchase

Took on a flight with no issues. Really like this case. Unfortunately I was forced to check it because the plane was over crowded and it got scratched to hell, but that's not really a product flaw. Tough little carry-on.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
Wow, tough product!
by Valued Customer on October 06, 2008
Verified Purchase

I ordered this case to transport my digital projector and other electronics through airports and other locales. After my first trip with it, I am highly satisfied-it took some pretty hard knocks but protected the gear inside perfectly. It is a heavy beast for the size, but lighter than the Pelican equivalent. Excellent product!

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Great hardshell case!
by Valued Customer on January 01, 2013
Verified Purchase

I needed to travel with a special solar telescope and needed a case that wold work for carry-on airline use. My telescope manufacturer (Lunt) recommended this iM2500 and the preferred case for the job. The pluck foam allowed me to customize the fit for my gear. The case is extremely well-made and durable and really ideal for airline/travel use. It has roller wheels and an extending handle just like most roller luggage except more rugged than luggage. The pluck-foam has about 4 layers and it is possible to order refills if for some reason you need to re-arrange how you place your gear in the case. I actually bought of two of these, then later ordered a third because of how well it works. They do stack together modularly.

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great travel case
by Valued Customer on March 05, 2009
Verified Purchase

I love hard cases such as Storm Case and Pelican. I own both brands and they are very comparable in many ways, and basically equal in my opinion. I use this case for camera gear and it hold 2 DSLR bodies with battery grips, 2 flashes, 4 lenses (including a big 70-200 2. 8), and lots of little accessories like batteries and flash modifiers. I had the cubed foam for a while but eventually purchased the divider set and like that much more.

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Sick of buying new suit cases as I travel a.
by Valued Customer on September 05, 2014
Verified Purchase

Sick of buying new suit cases as I travel a lot, have a smaller unit for tools, this one bought for clothes as a check bag, had over a year, only thing is TSA, customs, and airport personell always double check as it must not be normal to use as a suit case, so they always look and ask twice. .

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
by Valued Customer on May 02, 2018
Verified Purchase

Pelican means quality and their cases are worth every penny. I'm using the iM2500 for my astronomical gear: eyepieces, diagonal, filters and adapters. Everything fits perfectly and I can rest assured that they'll be protected from pretty much anything.

Was this review helpful to you? yes no
Great box. Lid doesn't pop open.
by Valued Customer on June 01, 2018
Verified Purchase

Great box like all pelican products. I'm disappointed there is no top or side handle like their other boxes.

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One tough case!
by Valued Customer on July 29, 2014
Verified Purchase

When you travel, it is important that your case is able to withstand a substantial amount of abuse. I often travel with my firearms. When I do, it's important that I have a reliable, strong case in which to secure my unloaded firearm in checked luggage. My Pelican Storm is just that case. The case is constructed of a very strong plastic material. I don't exactly know what that plastic is but you can drive a tractor over it 'cause it's that strong! Let's just say that I'm a big guy. I can stand on it and jump up-and-down and not even dent it with my weight. It has two very secure locking mechanisms on the side as shown in the pictures. Also, near the corners and the locking mechanisms are two holes for you padlocks - Voila, instant safe! Okay this case is not a bank vault, but it's as close as you're going to get for this price. The only complaint I have is that it's not light. But for practical reasons, I perfectly understand the trade-off between weight and security.

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Yes, the iM2500's wheels are covered under warranty. To get the wheels replaced, please call the factory directly at 310.326.4700.

By Robert B on June 30, 2019. 
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