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30QT Elite Cooler
Pelican Products has protected defense, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through some of the harshest conditions on Earth since 1976. This same DNA is now available to you in Pelican™ Elite Coolers. We hold ourselves to higher criteria than other cooler makers. When it com
Pelican Products30Q-1-WHTGRY
Pelican 30QT Elite Cooler
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30Q-1-WHTGRY30QT Elite Cooler | Pelican

Pelican Products

30QT Elite Cooler

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Item #: 30Q-1-WHTGRY

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Pelican Products has protected defense, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through some of the harshest conditions on Earth since 1976. This same DNA is now available to you in Pelican™ Elite Coolers. We hold ourselves to higher criteria than ... read more
  • Extreme ice retention
  • Press & Pull Latches
  • Non-Skid & Non-Marking Raised Feet
  • Molded-In Lock Hasp, Stainless Steel Plate
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Integrated Cup Holders
  • Built-in Bottle Opener
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Pelican Products has protected defense, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through some of the harshest conditions on Earth since 1976. This same DNA is now available to you in Pelican™ Elite Coolers.
We hold ourselves to higher criteria than other cooler makers. When it comes to durability, performance and ergonomic design, just "good enough" doesn't cut it. As a result, Pelican™ Elite Coolers perform to higher standards better than any cold locker, tougher than any icebox. Pelican™ Elite Coolers are true next-generation innovations, created to last a lifetime.
From the latches to the freezer-grade seal to the toughest handles in the business, every part is engineered to our extreme durability and performance standards. Which is why we feel confident in providing you with a Lifetime Guarantee. Not three years. Not five years. A lifetime. Something the other makers don't (or can't) do.
Whether you're on the hunt of a lifetime, far out at sea with a cooler full of catch, crossing deserts on safari or simply tailgating during a big game the Pelican™ Elite Cooler is the one for you.
14.60" x 10.20" x 11.00" (37.1 x 25.9 x 27.9 cm)
25.30" x 19.00" x 18.50" (64.3 x 48.3 x 47 cm)
21.67 lbs (9.8 kg)
32.95QT (31.18 liters)
0.95 ft³ (0.027 m³)
2.10" (5.3 cm)
Stainless Steel
Polyurethane Foam
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
25 lbs
Item Spec
Wheels Available
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Pelican Quality and Saves on Ice expenses
by Valued Customer on May 05, 2018
Verified Purchase

Had this for about a week or two. It is spring in the south or what I mean to say is we're already starting summer. Spring is a few random days between cold days then we move into hot and humid. So far this cooler is great. The quality is excellent, very sturdy and well built. I would always buy the $40 coolers at smilemart or other places. Sitting in the back of the truck in southern heat you would have 20 pounds of ice in the morning and a nice pool of water to wash up in by the afternoon. Drinks would still be cool but another trip to the store for ice the next morning was evident. So far I have been able to fill it up with 20#'s of ice and about 3 days later top it off. Let it sit over the weekend and added 10#'s then it sat back in the truck again for another 4 days when I grabbed some free ice from a clients ice machine in their shop. I think it will hold ice for seven days as they say on the outside of the cooler. Don't think there will be much ice in it and don't know how cold the drinks would be though. I have always been skeptical about these high end coolers but this year decided the business could afford to expense one of these. So far the simple fact that I don't have to stop for ice everyday is a plus. For one, the cost of ice everyday for the summer working months, which, here in the south is typically from end of April to end of September or into October. So I can already see that if this cooler cuts the ice reloading down to once every three to four days that will be money in the governments pocket as taxes on my income, lol!The cooler size I have is a 30 quart. It is fairly large on the outside but the insulation does come at a price. I prefer Fiji water, just tastes good and this will easily fit two days worth of water and a few cokes or juice drinks with the 20 pounds of ice. I bought the Pelican over the others because I have other Pelican products that I am very pleased with. The Pelican is Made In USA, another plus. Now I cannot tell you if it's “with global components� or not but hoping for the all in USA. I have not put the cooler through any abuse tests purposely because, well, it's nearly a $300 cooler and I just can't seem to get the money trees to grow. The hinges and lid patches do feel, look sturdy. Would they withstand a tumble off the back of a pickup truck? I would hope so but if not buying another cooler to use as a business expense to keep a little more money out of the governments greedy hands wouldn't hurt my feelings. The seal around the lid looks like a good quality seal and when you latch the lid it is firm but not excessive. Only downfall to a high end cooler is, thieves. I had a styrofoam cooler stolen from the back of my truck before. A $3 gas station cooler so the twinkle in a thieves eyes when they see a high end cooler is obvious. I would recommend this cooler because of the money saving aspect and for the quality of the Pelican. This will literally save me enough money this summer to pay for itself.

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Absolutely love this cooler!
by Valued Customer on July 08, 2018
Verified Purchase

I'm a huge fan of this cooler. Very durable and great ice retention. This picture is before/after when the cooler sat in a hot car for 8 hours on an 85 degree day. It was opened a few times to resupply my other cooler with water. By far the best cooler I have ever owned.

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I would definitely recommend this. My only complaint would be I should.
by Valued Customer on December 07, 2016
Verified Purchase

For the price, this is tough to match. I got 6 days of ice retention through a long camping trip and 2 days in a hot garage when i returned. I would definitely recommend this. My only complaint would be I should have gotten one with wheels. I believe that will be a purchase I make in the near future.

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Excellent Cooler
by Valued Customer on October 06, 2018
Verified Purchase

I have a distaste for Yeti, for a variety of reasons. I have always loved Pelican gun cases and got really good feedback on their coolers from other owners. This cooler is awesome. It's a great size for general use and is built like a tank. It is a bit on the bulky side, but the weight isn't an issue. The latches are the best I've seen in a cooler. A few notes from other reviews. I have had no issues with leaking from the drain valve. Also: make sure you are conditioning the cooler per the directions. When I do this my ice lasts for days. For the price, I'm a believer in Pelican coolers.

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Simply the best non cheap cooler out there
by Valued Customer on March 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

Simply the best non cheap cooler out there. Where do I start, the construction is great all around, the latches are real latch and flow like hot butter, not those stupid rubber things on yetis and rtic. The handles are real handles, thick and stout unlike with a yeti where you get a rope and garden hose. Now I don't hate yeti, I have two of their 64oz, one 32oz and an 18oz rambler thermos and there fantastic. Also yeti lies, well misleads you. For example their yeti 65 isn't 65qt interior capacity it's 65qt exterior displacement. Also for yeti to be more expensive than the Pelican makes no sense, I understand why some people chose RTIC, a friend has two, they're alright but build quality isn't near the same. Good example on their ice holding, went to the Daytona500 last month, loaded up on Friday night, ice was fresh as can be Sunday, a buddy had a cheap cheap cooler, filled with ice in the morning and ice melting by noon. I own the 65qt old design and 30qt new design. If you are looking at the 20qt i believe the old design is better since the new one is so vertical. These will last 10 years or more so the investment is well worth it.

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Best cooler I have owned.
by Valued Customer on February 19, 2017
Verified Purchase

I waited a few months before I reviewed this cooler and just had to post a review now. Very happy with this purchase. after years of buying cheap coolers and having them only last a few years and not really keeping ice very long I finally got to the point where I just wanted the best cooler possible. one that keeps ice for many days and is tough. I don't usually tell anyone to buy anything. but if you want the best cooler out there I believe this is it and is worth the money. In response to one of the questions about adding lettering on the lid. the space above and below the rulers on the lid is 2'' tall and approx 8'' length. Please see pics.

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Cooler for Life
by Valued Customer on March 23, 2018
Verified Purchase

What a tank. No, really. This thing reminds me of the M60A1 tanks of the 3rd Armoured Division of my youth. but it doesn't smell of diesel. I've worked with Pelican cases my entire professional life. They are the defacto noun for protective transport containers for industrial, scientific, communication equipment. Did they carry that legacy over to these coolers. Very much. The latches clinched it for me. Um, didn't intend that pun, but compared to the jeep-hood rubber dongle on the Yeti, these exude longevity. And anyone can operate them, except maybe a bear. Gap in the rubber seal? Get serious. Fill that 1/8'' with RTV if it bothers you. This is the last cooler I'll ever need to buy. Done.

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After waiting a good long while
by Valued Customer on March 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

After finally purchasing a Pelican Elite 30 Quart cooler. I couldn't be any happier. No leaks around the drain plug like some reviews stated. Keeps ice, 2 bags with water bottles for a whole week at work. Granted its not full blown summer in the deep south, but its by far head and shoulders above anything else I have ever owned. And the price, 207 and change. Things are looking good so far for Ol' greycoat. Get one, you won't be disappointed.

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