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1920 Flashlight
The very compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with size and extreme performance in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, this bright LED light creates a clean white beam. Long run times combined with high and low light output modes, make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light. Additional Information 1920 LED ...
Pelican Products019200-0000-110

Pelican Products

1920 Flashlight

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Item #: 019200-0000-110

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The very compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with size and extreme performance in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, this bright LED light creates a clean white beam. Long run times combined with high and low light output modes, ... read more
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  • Ingress Protected IPX7
  • High / Low modes
  • On/Off/Momentary Switch
  • 2 AAA Batteries
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The very compact aluminum 1920 flashlight is designed with size and extreme performance in mind. Using readily available AAA batteries, this bright LED light creates a clean white beam. Long run times combined with high and low light output modes, make for an efficient lighting tool; the perfect personal light.
Additional Information

1920 LED Flashlight


Lighting Specifications

Light SourceLED
Runtime2h 45m - 9h 30m (Hi - Lo)
Light Output120 - 12 Lumens (Hi - Lo)
Beam Distance87m - 27m (Hi - Lo)
Peak Beam Intensity1893cd - 184cd (Hi - Lo)
Water ResistantYes, IPX7
Batteries2 AAA (Included)
Length5.5" (14 cm)
Weight2.2 oz w/ batteries
Aluminum with Type II Anodized
5.50" (14 cm)
2.2 oz (62 gr)
1.4 oz (40 gr)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Aluminum with Type II Anodized
High Carbon Steel
Momentary Push Button
On /Off / Momentary
3.0 v
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
1 lbs
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Top Reviews
Mixed Review
by Valued Customer on June 05, 2015
Verified Purchase

I liked this light a lot when I first got it. After about two months, the button was getting a little squirmy and imprecise. Also the batteries had started to rattle around in the body of the flashlight when I walked which was annoying. But it still worked. Then I lost the damnable thing all together, and now I am sad. Another thing I didn't like was the pocket clip. The clip needed more flip on the tip. Specifically, it needed more material at the tip where the tip flips up to ride over the edge of whatever you are clipping it to. It was too small and so had to be helped over any material. I believe this repeated stress on the spring steel clip ultimately weakened its inherent tension causing me to finally lose the flashlight. Or maybe I'm just making up excuses and this is why I'm not allowed to have nice things. Either way, I'm reticent to buy another one, since I can lose like, five cheaper flashlights for the price of losing this one. They won't last either, but I also won't expect them too. Oh well.

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Great Light For a Shirt Pocket
by Valued Customer on September 17, 2015
Verified Purchase

EDIT 11/30/15: It seems this light hasn't gotten much attention. The other Pelican 1920 light with a lot of reviews appears to be the old model, with 67 lumens of output. This one, the new model, has a high mode of 120 lumens and a low mode of 12 lumens. High when you need it, low when you need your battery to last longer. I purchased it in August for $28. 75, and have no regrets. It is now selling for $23. 80, which is quite a deal, in my opinion. I have carried it frequently over the last few months in a shirt pocket, and it has been fantastic. The build quality is great, and the momentary on feature is a must when turning the light on and off frequently for short periods of time. Someone listed the weight of this light as 2 pounds. That is clearly way off, as it is the same size and weight as the previous 1920 (I believe, as they take the same batteries and have the same pictures, and that one is listed as 0. 14 pounds). There are also many typos in the listing, which I cannot explain, but do not detract from the solid quality of a Pelican product. EDIT 10/10/15: added a picture of this light next to a handful of other lights. Inova XS, Streamlight Microstream, Pelican 1910, Coast G19, Pelican 1920, and the Inoxa XP. They are all AAA lights, only the Inova XP is 2xAAA like the Pelican 1920. All others are small 1xAAA lights, to get an idea of the size of the 1920. The Inova XP is quite a bit smaller, but does not have a clicky interface, it can only be turned on by twisting. I typically like single cell flashlights, but I was liking the Pelican 1910 so much that I figured I had to give this one a shot. It has higher output, a little bit better run time, and it fits just fine in my shirt pocket where I clip it. It's a bit cumbersome to operate in comparison to the smaller and more nimble 1910, but it has the same exact feel to the body, which is very solid construction, while being extended to fit another battery. The beam is just like the 1910. It has a pretty tight hot spot that is very useful for inspecting things close up, but it is especially throwy and great for seeing specific areas in the dark, either outside or in attics or crawl spaces. While having a tight hot spot, it does have a good amount of useful spill light that makes it good for walking or general lighting purposes in any dark spaces. It definitely isn't a flood light, and that's why I like it. The clip is secured to the light beneath the threads of the tailcap, so it is not going anywhere. That being said, it is a bit small for anything other than shirt pocket (thin material) use. On most pants material or even a thick shirt material, it would be difficult to get this clip to attach comfortably and easily without some sort of modification. Even on a thin cotton shirt pocket, I often have to pull the clip out with my fingers in order to get the front part of the clip over the fabric, or it tends to bunch up now and then. On the plus side, once clipped, I have never had this light fall out of my pocket when bending over (while other objects in the same pocket have fallen right out). The only negatives for me about this light are the beefiness of it (it is very thick for an AAA light, it almost seems like it could fit an AA inside it) and I am noticing that when shaken side to side, there is a noticeable battery rattle inside, so the fit doesn't appear to be completely secure or snug inside the battery tube. While being beefy is a negative on one hand, the light is still small compared to any AA lights, so it still has a pretty minimal profile, and I am sure that the extra thickness lends to it being an extremely durable light. I haven't dropped it or banged it around much, but I have the utmost faith in Pelican's products and I am confident that it will hold up to most, if not all, of the abuse it could be subjected to in dusty, dirty, greasy and wet environments.

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Awesome, highyl recommended for daily carry
by Valued Customer on June 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

Awesome little light. Super lightweight, I don't ever notice it in my pocket and this thing is on me at all times. The brightness is crazy. That's all I got to say. Very concentrated, clear, white center with a decently sized outer ring. This is a great light to check something specific, say, getting a readout. . or maybe if you're a mechanic. This is the thing for you. The light is not scattered too well, as you could probably guess by looking at the size of the flashlight's lens. Two different output modes, as the manufacturer has already stated. The dimmer light output is welcome when looking at something up close as the bright mode will scorch your eyes, especially against a lighter colored background. I have no idea why some people complained about the clip being too firm and taut; quite the opposite, I feel like it could be a little bit more firm. I don't know what those people try to stretch it over, their fingers?The batteries that came with the light were shockingly bad and I can see why there might complaints about the longevity. With the original set, I didn't even get close to 30 minutes of decent output, let alone the stated 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, upon changing them out with Duracells, I've had no issues and this set of batteries is still going strong after a few weeks and I use this light often. The batteries do rattle a little inside, however, it's almost unnoticeable. This wasn't the case with the original set at all. I am assuming this has got more to do with slight variations of the size of different batteries, than the flashlight itself. Had the manufacturer decided to have less tolerances, I would assume this would make the flashlight a bit heavier as well as it would require more material on the inside. No complaints here, but I did notice it. It's waterproof, too, which is a huge bonus as I work on the water. Mind you, this doesn't mean submersible, there are other Pelican lights for that. The flashlight is not rated shockproof, however, I've accidentally dropped mine a few times from about 4-5ft on metal surfaces and there hasn't been any damage whatsoever, which is a testament to its quality. Highly recommend.

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Great EDC light but needs a recessed button to really shine
by Valued Customer on November 17, 2018
Verified Purchase

I bought this as an EDC light for use with my carry pistol - it's primary job is lighting up potential bad guys in a iffy situation. For that purpose the Pelican is great; the 120 lumens ''high'' output is incredible and can rival my Pelican 8060 for effectiveness at closer ranges. It throws light downrange decently enough as well. The ''low'' setting lets you use it for the usual penlight tasks for a good long while without draining the battery. The big benefit of it is that it delivers brightness and only takes triple-As. It is a longer light, but the thin barrel means it'll fit in your pocket pretty well (in front or behind of your smartphone, for instance.) The clip is on there tight and won't let the right roll away. I've used and abused mine for two years and it seems to be pretty bulletproof, so there's no worry there. The biggest problem with this light is the lack of a recessed on/off button, which means that pocket carry is pretty much impossible for me. In a jacket pocket, hoodie pocket, etc., it's fine; but not in your jeans pants pocket, as the button gets hit too easily. Since the first mode is high-power by default (as it should be) this means that the light will end up draining itself fast and be dead flat when you need it the most. A properly recessed on/off button would drastically improve the flexibility of this light. Like any LED light it can catch you by surprise with low battery because there's no real dimming of the light like with old-fashioned bulbs as the batteries near their end. Since it takes mere triple-As instead of lithium batteries however, it's not painful to check and replace them every now and then. Overall, I'd recommend this as an EDC light, but if there was a competing light of the same general size and output with a recessed on/off button, I'd go for that instead. The inability to carry in one's pants pocket is extremely annoying. I hope Pelican releases an updated end-cap so current owners can upgrade their lights.

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