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$$141.95In stockCases \ Protector Cases1550
1550 Protector Case
Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, Pelican cases have survived. Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic ...
Pelican Products1550-001-110
1550 Protector Case
Pelican Protector Case - Features
1550-001-1101550 Protector Case | Pelican
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Pelican Products

1550 Protector Case

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Item #: 1550-001-110

Interior: No Foam

Color: Black

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Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, ... read more
  • Personalized nameplate service available
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • 2 level Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded handle
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • O-ring seal
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • TrekPak Kit for 1550
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact Us
Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, Pelican cases have survived.
Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware.
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Pelican 1550 Case

The Pelican 1550 features an ultra-high impact structural copolymer shell to keep the elements safely out. Inside, use the Pick N? Pluck foam set and/or padded dividers for easy interior customization. When your protection needs include airtight, watertight, dustproof, crushproof and easy-carry, the Pelican 1550 case is a formidable choice.



    • Ultra High Impact Polycarbonate Shell
    • Open Cell Core with Solid Wall Design
    • Double-Throw Latches
    • Polymer O-Ring Waterproof Seal
    • Large Fold Down Handle
    • Two Padlockable Hasps
    • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Chemical-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Airtight, Watertight, Dustproof, Crushproof




10.58 lbs. - Empty
11.90 lbs. - With Foam
Exterior Dimensions
20.62" x 16.87" x 8.12" (L x W x H)
Interior Dimensions
18.43" x 14.00" x 7.62" (L x W x H)
Lid Depth
Bottom Depth
DEF STAN 81-41/STANAG 4280
ATA 300
Manufactured In
United States
Baggage Allowance



The toughest case in the world - empty when additional protection isn't needed. Appropriate for rugged equipment and storage.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, Orange, Silver, Yellow

What's Included?

  • Pelican 1550 Case
  • 1553 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty



Pick 'N' Pluck is a pre-scored foam set made for quick and easy customization. Just measure your equipment and pluck away the 1/2" cubes for a customized fit.

Four-piece foam set contains one base pad layer, two cubed polyethylene foam layer, and one convoluted top lid foam layer.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, Orange, Silver, Yellow

What's Included?

  • Pelican 1550 Case
  • 1551 Pick 'N' Pluck Foam
  • 1553 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty



The padded dividers are a great flexible and customizable solution. Made from foam, ballistic nylon, and Velcro edges, re-positioning these dividers into the spaces you need is easy.

21 piece padded divider set consisting of 1 tray and 17 assorted padded dividers. Includes 1 convoluted foam section for the lid.


Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, Orange, Silver, Yellow


What's Included?

  • Pelican 1550 Case
  • 1555 Padded Divider Set
  • 1553 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty
18.63" x 14.18" x 7.72" (47.3 x 36 x 19.6 cm)
20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" (52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm)
1.75" (4.4 cm)
5.87" (14.9 cm)
7.62" (19.4 cm)
1.18 ft³ (0.033 m³)
11.90 lbs (5.4 kg)
10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)
69.89 lbs (31.7 kg)
Layer 1 (Lid): 1.75" - Convolute / Layer 2 (Base): 0.75" - Pad / Layer 3 (Base): 2.50" - Pick N Pluck / Layer 4 (Base): 2.50" - Pick N Pluck
Stainless Steel
1.3 lb Polyurethane
3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven
-40° F (-40 ° C)
210° F (99 ° C)
Baggage Allowance
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
12 lbs
Item Spec
Wheels Available
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Top Reviews
Perfect photographer's buddy
by Valued Customer on May 01, 2013
Verified Purchase

The search for a gear bodyguard is over. I've started doing more location photography and wanted to upgrade my bags/cases for three main reasons:1) Better protection in transit2) Easier management and accessibility of gear3) Consolidation of gear to reduce number of bags/cases to haul aroundThis case solves all three needs quite nicely. It's just deep enough to store body and lens together, and some items can be nested or stacked to optimize space (for example, one of my larger flashes is stored horizontally with spare batteries nested in the bottom foam layer). I was worried about fitting everything in this case, but I actually have enough room left over for another lens. Here's a generic list of everything I was able to comfortably fit into the Pelican 1550:-dSLR + attached wide angle zoom lens-additional midrange zoom lens-5 flash units-6 flash transceivers-pano head-4 spare AA batteries-portable field recorder-misc (wb card, spare sd cards, flash filters, trigger cable, flash feet)Hints for successful packing:1. Plan ahead! Draw up a diagram, cut out shaped templates, whatever you need to do to get the foam plucked out right the first time. It will save the headache of Super-77 repairs or the old ''painting yourself into a corner'' syndrome of haphazard packing. 2. Use a smallish bread knife to easily cut through the perforated foam. Yes, it's called ''pick-n-pluck'', but the foam squares are still connected pretty securely. I finely serrated knife will make quick work of it. Pick a knife with symmetrical serrations (like this /\) as opposed to right-angle serrations (like this /|). 3. Remember that your gear can poke out of the top a bit. You have about 1 1/2'' of space above the top foam layer that is taken up by the lid foam, so utilize that space to reduce gear movement and take advantage of that extra space. 4. Pimp it out! Order some vinyl lettering and put your company name on the outside of the box. Or just get a biohazard sticker for the front and add a pair of handcuffs to the handle.

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Still the best and still made in USA, at least for now.
by Valued Customer on July 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

Still awesome. Pelican is awesome. I use 2 of these for my cable certifiers. We bang them and throw them all over the truck and trailer. They survive. best of all my $12k each certifier units survive inside. Pelican is worth the money. AS LONG AS they still keep making these in USA. If they go overseas, I'm not buying them again.

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seven handguns with magazines
by Valued Customer on December 28, 2013
Verified Purchase

I was looking for a case to transport my pistols to the range. This case fit the bill. I was able to fit six pistols in the case with slots for magazines. If I had another pistol, I could have easily fit seven into this case with slots for magazines. The pick and pluck foam which consists of two layers allow for this sort of customization. You just lay it out using push pins or toothpicks and then start removing foam somewhat carefully. If you get a little too rambunctious removing foam, you can reglue foam bits using the glue recommended in the instruction booklet. Do yourself a favor and save the removed foam to customize the magazines so that they stick out just a little bit. you understand when you do it. The latches, handle and overall construction is very sturdy for your most delicate equipment. The desert tan color looks awesome too.

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by Valued Customer on August 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

Tl;Dr, Pelican cases are the BEST. Reasonable customization is possible with the interiors of most of the cases. They look good, protect your gear very well from multiple/combination hazards, can be easily secured shut/down with cables/chains. Generally the best in AIO storage!I love all of my Pelican cases. They're just, AWESOME! For this specific purchase, I bought a second 1550, it's the grey one in my picture. I have a black one too, they're physically identical aside from the polymer dye. Pelican cases are what I choose when I need to move/store something that's mission critical, extremely fragile, or just plain important. Pelican cases are the best level of protection for you gear within a reasonable price range, period. Use extra care when measuring your storage volume/dimensional-basis needs. The posted dimensions are notably tight and may even be restricted to the largest section of a compound curved side (I haven't checked). Personally, with the pick and pluck foam, I bind the foam together with a silicone, and bind the foam to the case walls too. A simple silicone RTV will work well. I have found Permatex Ultra Black LOOKS the BEST with GOOD adhesive characteristics, and Permatex clear ADHERES the BEST but looks BAD. The larger pick and pluck designs, especially when you take out a lot of volume, the foam has a tendency to distort and pull free, generally just not hos its shape at all. ''Gluing'' everything down and together addresses this issue very well and permanently. Adhering the foam together is simple, but adhering the foam to the case body is difficult, rather, the silicone will break bond with a small bit of force unless you rough up the case surface with low-numerical grit sandpaper a bit. Doing this whole room-temp vulcanizing work on these cases and their foam is a bit of an art and a science. It's really easy to make it look like total crap inside if you don't know what you're doing, don't have the proper tools, or don't take considerable time and care with it. If you're not skilled with caulk/RTV/putty or otherwise any type of non-Newtonian material application, ask someone for help. The foam is NOT cheap to replace, at any size case!I know it may seem like the price point is a bit high, but this is one of the situations in life where you really do get what you pay for. I have not personally had to call the company yet, but from what I understand, if something simple is wrong, like the valve is missing/broken, o-ring breaks, that kind of stuff, the company will just ship whatever you need to you at no cost if you're polite and a good customer. I honestly have not heard anyone ever say a single bad thing about these cases, nor have I had a single negative experience with any of them. In the future, I intend to purchase a good deal more, but these really are expensive (especially the tier I am looking to acquire!) when you get into the larger models. I do need two more, but I want to get the larger two-rifle case for my two rifles. My point is, this is my no-questions-asked go-to case solution, and I am a very, very picky and observant engineer. Pick and pluck foam is. hit or miss size wise. I almost always end up custom cutting beyond the pluck boundary, cutting the sections in half horizontally/parallel to ground. Height variations are a pain, but that's where the kitchen knife comes in to play. I much prefer using a blade with this foam over hot-wire. Hot wire tends to sink too much heat into the foam, and it just keeps melting without a ton of cooling. I know there are companies and Pelican offer custom foam, but I'm not entirely sure it's ''worth'' it dollar for dollar. If you need a perfect fit, anti-static foam, or just love the look, then by all means, who am I to define your opinion for you?

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Awesome KLR650 top box
by Valued Customer on September 21, 2017
Verified Purchase

I got this to mount on top of the luggage rack of a KLR650 motorcycle. Perfect top box, keeps the weather out, holds tools, toys, or camping gear depending what is on tap that day.

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If you need equipment protection, get a Pelican Case!
by Valued Customer on January 29, 2017
Verified Purchase

These cases are great! The foam is easily removable to make a specific cut for any type of equipment you need. I purposely bought the 1550 for camera equipment and as you can see from the pics, everything fits perfectly!

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They've held up very well to the use and abuse and pretty much any time I need a case for something.
by Valued Customer on December 31, 2016
Verified Purchase

I have a ton of these cases, both for personal things and maybe 60-100 at the office for shipping very expensive equipment around the country. They've held up very well to the use and abuse and pretty much any time I need a case for something this is what I look at first.

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Review after a long trip.
by Valued Customer on December 20, 2013
Verified Purchase

I travel with a Nikon d300 and d90. Plus I need to carry an 18-300 lens, 50mm, battery pack for the d300, and a filter set. This case worked perfectly. The 1400 was too small, the 1600 too large for comfort. This is the goldilocks case. I traveled to. Africa on some scary flights. The case was always allowed on the flight, but was always questioned - they wanted me to check it (even though its way smaller than other people's carry ons, it looks like a ''suitcase''). Once I told people it held cameras, I could take it aboard. Worked well to protect, and fits the aforementioned items - but I had to remove the battery grip from the camera for it all to fit. Why only 4 stars? The foam inside is hard to work with, and as a first tie user, I think I ''plucked'' a bit too much out; now ill replace with the other style. Still works, but I can see it may not last for long because I made it too thin.

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Pelican makes the best quality storage and transport cases for equipment
by Valued Customer on June 25, 2015
Verified Purchase

Pelican makes the best quality storage and transport cases for equipment. They are compact, strong, and extremely durable. We have several cases at work that are about ten years old. They've been shipped across the country multiple times and survived manhandling by TSA, FedEx, and other sausage-fingered gorillas. They still work well and have plenty of life left. The stainless steel hinge pins still move easily even after getting dirt, water, and dust on them several times. The hard plastic shell doesn't scratch easily and seems to resist cracking. The front latches still close securely after being used over and over again. These are the only kind of cases we will purchase for important equipment in the future. I have no idea why the desert tan version is cheaper than the other colors, but it looks good.

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