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1510 Protector Carry-On Case
Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, Pelican cases have survived. Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic ...
Pelican Products1510-001-110
Pelican 1510 Waterproof Carry Case
3 Cases Video 1510/1720/350
1510-001-1101510 Protector Carry-On Case | Pelican
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Pelican Products

1510 Protector Carry-On Case

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Item #: 1510-001-110

Interior: No Foam

Color: Black

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Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, ... read more
  • Personalized nameplate service available
  • Maximum airline carry on size*
  • Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded top and side handles
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • O-ring seal
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • Retractable extension handle
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • * Check with your airline for exact measurement requirements.
  • TrekPak Kit for 1510
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact Us
Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle, Pelican cases have survived.
Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware.
Additional Information


Pelican 1510 Case

The Pelican 1510 is a rugged case made from ultra-high impact structural copolymer shell with a variety of available colors and interior options. The ultimate protection for your items; the Pelican 1510 case is chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, airtight, watertight, and dust proof.

The 1510 comes with a long side handles, long front handle, retractable extension handle and strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings. It has an effortless release latch for the extension handle. The case meets current FAA requirements for carry on luggage.



    • Ultra High Impact Polycarbonate Shell
    • Open Cell Core with Solid Wall Design
    • Double-Throw Latches
    • Polymer O-Ring Waterproof Seal
    • Large Fold Down Handle
    • Two Padlockable Hasps
    • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Chemical-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Airtight, Watertight, Dustproof, Crushproof



    11.99 lbs. - Empty
    13.60 lbs. - With Foam
    Exterior Dimensions
    22.00" x 13.81" x 9.00" (L x W x H)
    Interior Dimensions
    19.75" x 11.00" x 7.60" (L x W x H)
    Lid Depth
    Bottom Depth
    DEF STAN 81-41/STANAG 4280
    Manufactured In
    United States
    Baggage Allowance
    Carry On



The toughest case in the world - empty when additional protection isn't needed. Appropriate for rugged equipment and storage.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, White

What's Included?

  • Pelican 1510 Case
  • 1513 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty



Pick 'N' Pluck is a pre-scored foam set made for quick and easy customization. Just measure your equipment and pluck away the 1/2" cubes for a customized fit.

Three-piece foam set contains one base pad layer, one cubed polyethylene foam layer, and one convoluted top lid foam layer.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, White

What's Included?

  • Pelican 1510 Case
  • 1511 Pick 'N' Pluck Foam
  • 1513 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty



The padded dividers are a great flexible and customizable solution. Made from foam, ballistic nylon, and Velcro edges, re-positioning these dividers into the spaces you need is easy.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, OD Green


What's Included?

  • Pelican 1510 Case
  • 1515 Padded Divider Set
  • 1513 O-Ring
  • Lifetime Warranty
19.75" x 11.00" x 7.60" (50.2 x 27.9 x 19.3 cm)
22.00" x 13.81" x 9.00" (55.9 x 35.1 x 22.9 cm)
1.79" (4.5 cm)
5.79" (14.7 cm)
7.58" (19.3 cm)
0.96 ft³ (0.027 m³)
13.60 lbs (6.2 kg)
11.99 lbs (5.4 kg)
64.15 lbs (29.1 kg)
Layer 1 (Lid): 1.81" - Convolute / Layer 2 (Base): 0.50" - Pad / Layer 3 (Base): 2.63" - Pick N Pluck / Layer 4 (Base): 2.63" - Pick N Pluck
Stainless Steel
1.3 lb Polyurethane
3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven
-40° F (-40 ° C)
210° F (99 ° C)
Baggage Allowance
Carry On
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
15 lbs
TrekPak Foam Hybrid
Item Spec
Wheels Available
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Top Reviews
The Best!
by Valued Customer on April 02, 2015
Verified Purchase

I can fit exactly 47 lbs of tools in this case with the lid accessory. I know this because I travel all over the world as a technician. I have uploaded photos of this case after twenty trips across seas to the Middle East and Europe and the tools that fit in it. I will now list what I carry in this case: 1 Bosch ps-21 hand drill with extra battery and charger, two full sets of drill bits, two sets of security bits, a ferrule crimper, rj-45 crimper, an automatic wire stripper, 2 handheld wire strippers, d-type crimper, coaxial compression crimper, lmr-400 stripper, fiber shears, scissors, screw driver, precision screw driver, 1/4'' socket set, cutters, utility knife, pens, files, center punch, coaxial stripper, cable stripper, fluke pro 300 probe and toner, multimeter, Allen wrenches, 6'' crescent, channel locks, 8-12mm and 1/4''-1/2'' spanners, 2 greenlee crimpall crimpers and die set, punchdown tool, soldering iron, coaxial/cat tester, head lamp, safety glasses, hearing protection, and solder. I hope that I am doing this case justice when I say it is the best case I have found and currently in production at this time. Do I have to organize my tools in roll up pouches and a sensible manner? Yes but who wouldn't? There is nothing I could to do to improve this case unless I spent 3-6 months custom designing a 2nd version of this case with pelican. If you are curious about its capabilities all of the gear I have listed has survived TSA and every other transportation agency I have run into so far.

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From Your Short Wedding Photog. .
by Valued Customer on October 05, 2016
Verified Purchase

As a female wedding and portrait photographer, a lot of people told me this would be too heavy for me, especially once all the gear was in. I figured, I already am carrying all that gear in three different bags (inefficient!) and it can't get that much heavier in a Pelican. I'm beyond glad I did this. I am so RELIEVED of the weight from carrying three bags that couldn't be rolled, but had to be carried over my shoulders or back ALL day long. I've rolled this sucker on grass, on hills, pebbles (okay, had to eventually carry it over that, but that's ok!), and this little beauty just rolls right along. I love it so much. I'm also short, so standing on it for when I forget a chair or stool is perfect. This is my new assistant.

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Deceivingly spacious - perfect for camera gear
by Valued Customer on January 19, 2014
Verified Purchase

First off, I should mention that I bought this case specifically for photography gear. I'm a wedding/event photographer and need to transport my gear to/from locations and wanted something a bit more durable and easier to work out of. My goal was to be able to put my more expensive primary items in this case, while still using my backpack for outdoor (mobile) shooting. When I first unboxed the case, I thought I was going to have to buy a larger one. I was pleasantly surprised with how much gear I was able to fit after spending a morning carefully breaking away the pre-cut cube foam. Keep this in mind. You will need to sit yourself down for several hours carefully shaping the foam. I found it quite enjoyable despite the fact that I watched Manchester United lose (again) while doing this. Just take your time and try to leave about 2 layers of foam between the heavier items. FYI: Inspect the foam grid before you start breaking out the pieces you don't need! There is a seam that runs along the middle in the horizontal and vertical directions that is slightly wider than the pre-cut squares. It's hard to explain, but you'll notice it if you just take one close look. I would suggest you try to leave these 2 seams untouched as they will give the foam a tiny bit more rigidity. For reference, here's the gear that I'm storing in this case:- Canon 1D-series body (w/ eyepiece extender and an Arca Swiss plate plus CustomSLR C-loop on bottom)- Canon 6D body (w/ eyepiece extender and CustomSLR C-loop on bottom)- 24-70mm 2. 8L lens w/ hood attached- 135mm 2. 0L lens w/ hood attached- 16-35mm f/2. 8L without the hood or 35mm f/1. 4L lens- 3 Canon Speedlites (more on this below)- Some slots plucked out for smaller items (16 AA batteries, extra 1D battery, extra 6D battery, 6D charger, 3 Speedlite shoes, 8 card SD card holder. I work out of this case when I'm on location. If I'm going to go mobile, I'll pick out what I need and throw it in my backpack. Note retarding Speedlites: I have 600EX's. This case is about 1/4'' too shallow to place them vertically. If you could, there would be even more space for gear. I have 2 of the flashes laying on top of each other and the 3rd is placed in a slot where the head is tilted in the 90-degree position. If you have 580EX (or something other) check the length. If they are at least 1/4 inch shorter when the head is pointed directly up, this case will hold a bit more gear. After thinking about the purchase of this specific case a bit more, I will likely buy a second identical one so I have a place for the rest of my photography related gear (brackets, extra card holders, 70-200 f2. 8L IS lens, 1D series body charger (which is big), AA chargers, etc.)I'm not going to question the durability of any Pelican case. I have 2 others that I've been using for many years and they are as close to indestructible as you can get. It's a very safe purchase that will last a very long time. Keep in mind that these cases hold their value should you decide to sell it a year or 3 down the road. I'll snap a photo of my layout and upload it here ASAP.

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It tumbled down 100' of metal stairs - contents no worse for wear
by Valued Customer on December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase

This product deserves 5++ stars. Pelican makes phenomenal cases, 2nd to none. Materials and workmanship are unmatched. Bought my 1510 carry-on case in '11. Since then it's gone through a lot of abuse. I use it on all my distance travels as well as everyday commute to work on bus/train. If you ignore external scrapes and bruises, it is still as tough and functional as the day I bought it. The seals still keep contents dry in in heaviest of rain. Latches, handles, wheels - all original and fully functional [wheel bearings need oil/grease and occasional replacement now and then depending on use and wear]. On one occasion I stumbled at the top of metro escalator and lost hold of the case. It tumbled down 100' of metal stairs - contents no worse for wear. I modified/relocated the holes for the wheel-axles in the plastic housing so that I get 1/3'' more clearance between ground and lower edge of case (see photo). This also gives my wheels a little longer wear life. The company has been excellent. They sent me new wheels and components free of charge because of wearing. The low ground clearance is because the company is trying to maximize the usable volume while strictly keeping within airlines' carry-on guidelines. Both top and side grip handles are useful - mine gets more use from the top handle. The pull handle is extremely sturdy, much more so than traditional collapsible aluminum tubes. It is one solid thick/wide piece of plastic that uses gravity to fully retract easily - it has never failed me once. The only additional feature I wish the case had are loops for shoulder strap clips - heavy rain, sleet, snow and debris makes it difficult to pull with its small wheels and low clearance. Due to Pelican's sturdy construction and materials, you can expect it to be heavier than comparable soft-shelled carry-ons but that's the price for additional protection. It fits under most medium to large airlines seats and into overhead bins - only tiny puddle jumpers present problems. Despite the small wheels and low clearance it's still an excellent product and very highly recommended. I would not hesitate to buy more of their products.

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Pretty much indestructible carry-on size case
by Valued Customer on December 26, 2017
Verified Purchase

Order arrived amazingly fast for something this size. Packaging is a simple cardboard box, but it doesn't need it, these cases are designed to take a beating with a smile. The 1510 is the perfect size for air travel since it meets the maximum FAA allowed dimensions for carry on baggage, that is, it fits the overhead bin of any comercial airplane confortably. O-ring on the lid and relief valve on the body makes these cases waterproof. It even floats! (ask me how I know). Replacement parts, mods and upgrades are readily available, so if an olive drab case on roller skate wheels, pink handles, yellow latches and gold embossed nameplate is your thing, you can have it. And the best thing, LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you manage to damage these cases, you deserve a replacement. The only con with the case is the price, that is until you take into account the price of the equipment you are protecting inside. Then it sounds like cheap insurance. Now I'm thinking about getting Pelican cases for all my expensive astrophotography gear.

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Fits All the Essential Gear
by Valued Customer on July 22, 2015
Verified Purchase

Excellent case! I can fit most of my bodies and lenses plus some other gear. I also bought the lid organizer to add extra space. There a few complaints about the weight, but I really don't mind it. I carry this thing around all day while shooting weddings and don't have much gripes; maybe I'm just used to it. The case is very sturdy! I bang this thing around and there are only a few scratches. It also makes for a great seat or step stool. I have had to stand on in situations where I forgot to bring my step ladder. So what all can I fit in the case?Nikon D700 with vertical grip, Nikon D90 with vertical grip, nikon 50mm 1. 8 D, nikon 105mm 2. 8 micro, nikon 24-70 2. 8, nikon 85 1. 4, nikon 70-200 2. 8 VR II, Tokina 11-16mm 2. 8, Yongnuo Flash, SB-600, Batteries, memory cards, cables, snacks, business cards, Gels, Single-side Spider holster, and a camera rain jacket. (Photo doesn't show all of the stuff as some of it just lays on top of all camera gear.)

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SMELLS TERRIBLE otherwise good.
by Valued Customer on May 20, 2016
Verified Purchase

I can't believe not a single review out of the current 363 mentions the SMELL. This smells AWFUL! I am certain it is the foam. It leaves a sweet taste in my mouth, especially near my sinuses. It made everything I ate and drank taste weird for a while. I am going to give it a while and hope the smell dissipates. I left it in a back bedroom overnight and the smell filled the hallway and all of the bedrooms connected to it. It is very strong. The case itself is sturdy and I love the solid exterior. There's really not much to say that you can't determine from the exterior. There are 2 holes for padlocks. When you open the lid, it has a resistance to keep it from closing again. You have to deliberately force it past the open point to close it. It will not accidentally fall. If the smell doesn't go away I will probably throw out the foam and deduct another star. I love the smell of new manufacturing, but this smells toxic. If you are wondering, the smell is literally the only reason I deducted a star. It is that bad. I will deduct another if I have to throw the foam away and find another solution because that would be extremely inconvenient.

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One of the best investments I've made.
by Valued Customer on March 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

I love this thing. It's built like a tank. I literally tried so hard to imagine how sturdy it would be and I was so far off. I think I could drop my entire kit of video gear off a roof and it would be fine. I think I'm gonna do it. jkIt looks and feels great. Handles are premium and it really sets itself apart from my (what I previously thought was) nice drone case. It's functional. Wheels, an extendable handle, airtight, waterproof, AND it's small enough to be a carryon. It's roomy. I have two full frame camera bodies, three lenses, batteries, lav mics, shotgun mic, and some tools packed in there. Just put some thought into your pick n'pluck, there's no way to go back once you've picked and plucked other than buying more foam. MY ONE SEMI-COMPLAINT: This thing is HEAVY FOR ITS SIZE. And I can't even complain because: a) Pelican has released a newer, lighter version of this case and b) I'll take heavy duty any day of the week if I know my gear is safe. Just buy it already.

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One heck of 5-6 day carry on bag.
by Valued Customer on February 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

After my luggage that I've had for the last ten or so years finally bit the dust at the hands of the airlines I decided to try and find something more durable as a carry-on bag for work which led me to this bad boy. First off I travel for work no more than five or six days at a time and this more than suits my needs for five days of cloths, toiletries, and a second pair of shoes. This case more than does the job for me and the looks I get at the TSA checkpoints bring a smile to my face when asked to put it through again as if I'm hiding something in there with my weeks worth of cloths. On the plus side it doubles as a stool when seating in the terminals is scarce. I found that it fits in just about every over-head compartment from the smaller jets to the larger ones. Trick is how do you get past the gate agents when boarding without having to gate check this beast. . simple solution I found is collapse the collapsible pull handle and carry it from the side somehow it magically becomes a smaller case to the gate agents and you can sneak it on without the pesky tag and gate checked luggage wait. After a few trips so far I haven't noticed any issues other than a lacking of ground clearance with the tiny little wheels they decided to throw on there and the one time I received it after it was gate checked one of the latches decided to pop. I'm sure there are many better uses for this case from drone protection to camera or specialized equipment but hey makes one hell of a carry on for cloths, haven't seen another traveler yet with one especially not in the desert tan color. If you need an over kill of a five to six day carry on for cloths or you need something to protect your camera gear this is the perfect sized case, not too large and heavy you regret getting it but not so small you can't figure out how to use it. Would definitely recommend this case as far as longevity I can't say but if it's anything like the other pelican products I own I'm sure that I won't be disappointed.

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No, the 1630-510-000 is designed to fit in the Pelican 1630 case, so it would be too large for the 1510. The lid organizer for the 1510 is part number 1510-510-000, or 1519.

By michael n on December 13, 2018. 
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The 1510 lid organizer is part number 1519, at

By Douglas T on July 22, 2019. 
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