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1085 HardBack Laptop Case
Sometimes, all it takes is one drop to ruin your tablet or laptop computer (along with your music, photos and files). With that in mind, HardBack series cases are built with all the legendary features of a Pelican case - crush resistant, watertight and an automatic pressure equalization valve that prevents vacuum lock to make it easier to open at ...
Pelican Products1085 HardBack Laptop Case | Pelican
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Pelican Products

1085 HardBack Laptop Case

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Item #: 1080-020-110

Color: Black

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Sometimes, all it takes is one drop to ruin your tablet or laptop computer (along with your music, photos and files). With that in mind, HardBack series cases are built with all the legendary features of a Pelican case - crush resistant, watertight ... read more
  • Automatic Purge Valve - Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure
  • Designed to protect 14" laptops
  • Watertight Gasket - Tight seal created when case is shut
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam
  • Removable shoulder strap included
  • The easy open latch remains shut under pressure or after impact
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact Us
Sometimes, all it takes is one drop to ruin your tablet or laptop computer (along with your music, photos and files). With that in mind, HardBack series cases are built with all the legendary features of a Pelican case - crush resistant, watertight and an automatic pressure equalization valve that prevents vacuum lock to make it easier to open at any altitude.
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Pelican 1085 HardBack Case



The 1085 is designed to protect most 14" laptops and replaces the discontinued 1080 series.


InteriorPick N Pluck Foam
Designed ForMost 14" Laptops
Interior Dimensions14.29" x 10.37" x 1.97" (L x W x H)
Exterior Dimensions15.64" x 12.41" x 2.50" (L x W x H)
Dust ProofYes
Crush ProofYes
14.29" x 10.37" x 1.97" (36.3 x 26.3 x 5 cm)
15.64" x 12.41" x 2.50" (39.7 x 31.5 x 6.4 cm)
0.99" (2.5 cm)
0.99" (2.5 cm)
1.98" (5 cm)
0.17 ft³ (0.005 m³)
3.10 lbs (1.4 kg)
2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
Stainless Steel
Polycarbonate (PC)
-10° F (-23 ° C)
120° F (49 ° C)
Pick N Pluck Foam
Designed For
Most 14" Laptops
Dust Proof
Crush Proof
Pelican Products
Item #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
4 lbs
Item Spec
Wheels Available
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Top Reviews
Alright but doesn't seal well, and latch can easily come undone, also huge for a 13'' macbook pro
by Valued Customer on June 02, 2016
Verified Purchase

If you're read the other reviews you know the common complaints already, it's pretty easy for the latch to accidentally come undone, and the case is not well sealed, light pressure on the top and you can clearly hear air escaping and being sucked back in. That said it's still probably the most durable option in the smallest package without going to something more solid from pelican but much thicker/heavier. The other options like the Thule Vectros or UAG are lighter/thinner but don't offer nearly as much protection. If I was using it day to day I'd probably go with one of those, for travel I'd get the pelican. As an aside while the specs make it seem like the right choice for a 13'' laptop, it's HUGE for a 13'' macbook pro, so much so that when I first opened it I was sure I received the larger 1095 by mistake. It would be fine if you wanted to put the charger, cables, other misc. stuff in there with the laptop but if you just want a thin durable case for travel with a 13'' laptop this one is huge. I'd imagine quite a few 15'' laptops would just fit in there.

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It fits my Thinkpad T420 with an extended life battery.
by Valued Customer on December 05, 2017
Verified Purchase

It fits my Thinkpad T420 with an extended life battery (9 cell) perfectly. There's about a 1/2 inch of space around the entire laptop for padding. The provided foam was customizable enough to hold the computer secure. I removed the egg crate foam from the lid because it seemed a little too tight since the laptop thick. The case itself seems very durable, but the exterior dimensions are quite large. It snugly fits in my back pack, however there is no question my computer is protected.

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Excellent case but only after some modifications.
by Valued Customer on November 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

The case itself is very rugged, strong and durable. I have stood on the case and jumped a little for more than 15 seconds and I am 210 pounds, it flexed a little but not that much and it returned to its original form in seconds. When you press the middle of the case with force the air whooshes out the sides but not the front and back which immediately says its not air and water tight straight from the manufacturer which to me is extremely disappointing. But it still does have the capacity to be totally air tight because if you press in the middle very hard the air will whoosh out, the O-ring will form a seal from the pressing and it will hold a serious vacuum pressure inside the case. The vacuum pressure inside the case can be a little difficult to break when trying to open the case after pressing the middle and will not release by itself. But if you use polyester webbing with side release buckles and wrap a strap around the middle and make it very tight, you can stand on the case and no air will whoosh out which tells me that my case is now water tight after that slight adjustment. I hold my strap in place with gorilla duct tape so I don't lose it. I also don't believe that this seal problem is because pelican has lowered their standards in any way, but just that the case is one of the thinnest and smallest they have every made and by being so small the case is liable to flex a little under the weight of basic use so it just requires one extra strap to hold it firmly together.

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Not fully thought out
by Valued Customer on March 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

As many other reviewers have stated, the latch is not good. I bought this without reading the reviews. The pluck and pull was nice but the surface tablet sat in to deep and was hard to pull out. The foam could not easily but cut to thickness so I taped in a piece of coroplast to space it up higher. To make it look nice I added adhesive backed velvet vinyl. The also added a soft protective finish. The stylus fit well after cutting down the pluck and pull and putting it back in. The case looked boring so I added some stickers I had collected. To solve the handle issue I bought a roll of 2� Velcro. I cut down the fussy side and put it on the handle, and matching width on the bottom. I then made a latch using the opposing Velcro and stuck it to itself back to back, see photo. At this point it has been custom fit to my surface tablet, secured with a Velcro closure, and personalized with stickers I like. Now I like it but Pelican should not make it so much work to protect your investments. I would buy again but you need to go in to it knowing the obstacles you will face.

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Disturbingly solid. in a good way!
by Valued Customer on September 26, 2012
Verified Purchase

Just last week, I was having lunch with some friends, and the subject of computers, and then by extension laptop cases came up. These three friends and God as my witness, I finished off my bragging about this case by setting it on the concrete, my brand new 13'' MacBook Pro within, and standing on top of it with all of my 175 pounds. I picked it up, opened it, and withdrew my Mac absolutely unharmed. Although choosing this over many other options will mean forfeiting any extra room for your power cord(s) and accessories, this case is amazingly valuable. It's level of durability takes away almost all of my worries, and does a stellar job of protecting my investment from everything I've put it through. And, to speak of the price, people have actually gotten mad when I told them that such a level of protection comes for only around $50 while they're spending almost the same on flimsy little neoprene sleeves. This is the real deal. These people make cases people trust life-saving equipment to, not little sleeves. I have before, I do now, and I will continue to recommend this case to anyone I ever get the chance to because it has more than earned it's place among my gear!That being said, I do have one gripe. the latch. Although it is very convenient to simply pull open as opposed to the more complex/tighter clasps on many other Pelican cases, I have had a few near tumbles of my laptop due to it coming unlatched while I'm moving it around. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but as one of the previous reviewers mentioned, a large strip of Velcro seems to be a simple and durable way to remedy this. Just something to keep in mind. UPDATE Feb 2013: I had my MacBook within this case while biking at a fair clip, and thanks to an obnoxious driver backing out into the bike lane, I wiped out, with myself getting pretty banged up, and my backpack crashing along with me to the ground. While the corner that hit the ground first on the BACKPACK was shredded, not a single BIT of damage was brought upon my computer. I hate to hear that other customers have had issues with their cases, and I hope that Pelican will get with it and make up for their mistake there, but being obligated to stay within my own scope of reference, this case is still brilliant for me!

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It's super easy to pick off for the shape you need
by Valued Customer on October 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

I have a 13 inch 2012 Macbook pro and it fit in this case perfectly. I never understand why people buy hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of hardware and then don't protect it, so do yourself a favor and buy yourself the case. As you can see in the pictures, this model comes with the pick n pluck foam. It's super easy to pick off for the shape you need. There's enough space to have one inch of foam surrounding the Macbook, so if you have a laptop bigger than 13 inches, I probably wouldn't recommend you purchasing this case. Other reviews state that the case has a faulty latching system and that it opens on its own, I have no idea what in the hell they're doing with their cases for that to be happening. If you're normal and put your laptop in the case, close it, put it in your bag(which I'm assuming is no more than a few feet away from you), go wherever you need to go, take the case out of the bag, rest it on a surface, which again I'm assuming is no more than a few feet away from you, open it, and take the laptop out of the case, you should have no problems. Otherwise, use a velcro strap like another reviewer stated if you're going to be playing football with the damn thing. Other reviews have also said it's not waterproof and there's a gap in the seal or whatever. Again if you're normal and you're not going scuba diving with it or decide to submerge it in the sink wishing it was your child, then you'll be fine. How about you complainers get a rain fly for your backpack and that way everything stays dry?My bag rolled off the couch with this in it and my macbook was just fine. No cracked screen or damage of any type. I may decide to pack my laptop in checked luggage next summer, and I know it'll be safe if it's in this, especially with the careful and delicate hands of airline baggage handlers. The only con I can think of and it's not the case's fault, is that you will feel a difference in weight in your bag. Now the 2012 13 inch macbook pro is a heavy son of bi#@h, and with this case it gets a bit heavier, which is a simple law of physics that mass + mass = more mass, but at least your machine is protected. If you fancy types can afford macbook airs and drop thousands for that or have other 13 inch laptops that are lighter, then you're much better off because the added weight will be negligible, so spend the extra $80 and get yourself this case to protect your hardware. A little extra weight won't kill you and if it does then the world will be much better off without you.

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my case ''looks'' like it has a bad fit along one edge
by Valued Customer on January 20, 2016
Verified Purchase

i pored over several dozen reviews here before deciding to purchase, most complaining about the lack of complete seal. i will speak mostly to that in this review. my case ''looks'' like it has a bad fit along one edge, like many others complained about. upon receipt, i fitted the foam insert, placed my laptop inside, and closed the case. i pushed down on the lid, and i heard the oft-berated ''whoosh'' of air, which many reviewers have blamed on a faulty seal. however, when i undid the latch to open the case, there was indeed a negative pressure inside the case. the ''whoosh'' was air flowing out of the one-way valve, not through a faulty o-ring. i also read about potential latch failures. mine feels secure, though i have decided to add a layer of security with a strap of nylon webbing around the case. overall, no, i wouldn't ever throw this case+laptop into a swimming pool. i needed a hard-sided, foam-lined case that could fit into my already-waterproof cycling pack, in case i ever take a spill. maybe the quality control is too erratic for some, but for my needs, the case i received fits my needs, because all other options at this price point and relative sizr are soft cases.

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