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472-PWC-M16-3200 Rifle Case | Pelican
Pelican™ Mobile Armory™ Rifle ...
Storm™ iM3300RFL Rifle Case | Pelican
The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican Protector Case, with one primary difference: A unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically, but open with a light touch. Guaranteed for life, the Pelican Storm case is made in the USA and engineered using the ...
472-PWC-R870 Rifle Case | Pelican
Injection molded Pelican™ Storm Case™ with HPX resin plastic body case with polyethylene foam cushion designed to fit (1) R870 Tactical Shotgun (with or without standard stock or pistol grip). Unique foam cavities easily accommodates additional rounds, accessories, and cleaning kits. ...