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Pelican Luggage

Pelican Luggage

Waterlight Luggage that Defies the Elements

Pelican cooler

Pelican Coolers

7 - 10 Day Ice Retention & Made in the USA. A more rugged, colder cooler for your next big outdoor adventure.

Pelican ProGear Series

Pelican ProGear Series

The all new Pelican ProGear Backpacks are the solution for protecting your digital gear on the go.

 Hardback Series

Pelican Hardback Series

The Hardback Series cases are travel armor for portable electronics from 7" and 10" tablets to 14" and 15" laptops.

Pelican Camera Cases

Camera Cases

Pelican camera cases with padded dividers makes configuration a breeze. Velcro edges make it easy to reposition the dividers into spaces you need.

Remote Area Lighting

Remote Area Lighting Systems

The most innovative rechargeable lighting system on the market created for the most demanding tasks.



Whether you're repairing an engine or looking for decorations in the attic. Pelican flashlights allow you to accomplish your tasks in a safer and more efficient manner.

Pelican™ Cases, Backpacks, Coolers & Lighting.

World renowned rugged protector cases & shipping containers.

Why Pelican?

Pelican manufactures the toughest airtight and waterproof protective cases on the planet. Delivering for individuals, businesses and militaries around the world.

Getting your gear from point A to point B, in pristine condition
People who demand absolute, impenetrable durability trust Pelican to safeguard their valuables. Pelican cases have floated down the Zambezi River in Africa, been dropped out of helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan, tumbled down Manaslu in Nepal, and passed every other imaginable test.

Applications for Pelican cases
Mission-critical communication devices, emergency medical supplies, a career's worth of professional photography gear; you name it, and Pelican protects it. Pelican cases offer peace of mind you simply can't put a price on.

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